Can't Stop Mama!
My night... Kylie in one arm and Alexa in the other!
My night last night was so stressful! It started out okay ... I thought I had it all undercontrol. I fed alexa and laid her down in the swing to take a nap. I made me a salad and even measured everything out. I cooked Kylie's food for her. We ate our food while alexa slept. Just as we were finishing alexa woke up. I got Kylie ceaned up and we went to get Alexa. I turned on a show for me to watch while I spent time with the girls. I got half way through it when Kylie shut the computer off. I turned it back on and it loaded back up and she shut it off again. She did it a third time and although I kept distracting her and telling her 'No!' she kept going at it. She also broke the mouse for the computer so I couldn't watch anything after that. But that also meant she couldn't watch her movie before bed. I tried to use the xbox but scotty had it hooked up wrong so their was no sound. I had to call him and try to get it hooked up a different way. Finally after some yelling and tears I got it working... but both girls screamed almost the whole time. they both wanted to be held Alexa wanted to eat. I just wanted to take a break. I got Kylie's movie playing and I held them both while we watched IIncredibles for the 500th time. During all of this I also changed 5 poopy diapers. 2 for Alea and 3 for Kylie. I finally ate the rest of my dinner and got Kylie in bed. Breath! After I laid Kylie down I realized I hadn't gone to the bathroom so I brought alexa in the bathroom with me and laid her on Kylie's new bean bag chair. Then I moved the chair to the kitchen and I did dishes while she layed their looking around! I finished the dishes then looked at the mess in the livingroom ... ahhh! I laid on the couch with Alexa and told her I would spend 30 minutes with her uninterupted so we just laid their and spent uninterupted time together. Then I cleaned the livingroom and made my way to bed with Alexa. Kylie woke up at 3:40am screamming 'Daddy Daaadddyyy where you go!' Poor baby was so upset. I went in there and gave her some tylenol since she had her shots earlier that day. Then I gave her her Paci and laid her down. I had to listen to her scream for 10-15 minutes before she fell asleep again ... But she woke Alexa up. So I started to feed her then I changed her and laid her down ... she pooped... I changed her and tried to get her to eat the rest of her bottle and laid her down again ... she pooped again... I changed her again and laid her back down and prayed she would go to sleep ... and she did.
I found my self constantly apologizing to both girls. Telling them I'm sorry that I can't give them both my undivided attention. It breaks my heart to hear either of them cry. I wish I could do everything all the time. Thats my breakdown.

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