Can't Stop Mama!

Start Day - 311.2lbs


Week 6 -15.8lbs



Start Day
Janurary 17, 2011- 311.2lbs
Janurary 22, 2011- 303.2lbs
Janurary 29, 2011- 300.2lbs
February 5, 2011-  298.2lbs
February 12, 2011- 298.2lbs
February 19, 2011- 297.2lbs
February 26, 2011- 295.4lbs
Goal Day
December 31, 2011  - 200lbs

Starting Measurments     Month 2

Arms- 17.5 inches                       16.5 Inches
Chest- 48.75 inches                    47 inches
Midriff- 42.5 inches                      42 inches
Waist- 43 inches                          42 inches
Abdomen - 56 inches                  54.5 inches
Hips- 57.25 inches                      55.75 inches
Thighs- 31.75 inches                  31.5 inches
Calf- 20.5 inches                         20 inches

Weight Loss Mama

So I have been a 'big girl' since the day I was born! Weighing in at 10lbs 15oz I was doomed to be big my whole life. I was always one of the biggest kids in grade school and while in high school I wasn't the biggest but I wasn't average. I have been yo-yo dieting since middle school and have only increased in size since then. Now at 23 years old and two babies later I'm over 300lbs and 6'1.
I started Weight Watchers in Janurary 2009. I lost 25lbs that month and on Valentine's Day I found out I was pregnant with my 1st Daughter. I gained back all 25lbs plus about 10 more putting me at my highest weight of 334. Kylie was born in October and I started Weight Watchers again in Jan 2010. In April of 2010 I found out I got pregnant while on birth control with my 2nd Daughter. I had some issues after my pregnancy in December so it delayed my weightloss journey. But now I'm getting back to normal and started back with Weight watchers in Janurary 2011. This will not end with a pregnancy. I'm going to finish this weight loss journey before that will happen again. I'm Starting at 311.2lbs on Janurary 17, 2011. Here we go! Keep posted to see my progress!