Can't Stop Mama!

No Time to Stop
And No One Can Stop Me

About me! A Mama that doesn't have time to stop and that no one can stop!

My name is Kristyna. I'm a 23 year old wife, mom, and customer service manager. I do all of this over full time and on top of it all I'm work on reaching my weightloss goals. The site is to help me keep track of the good, the bad and everything in between.

Mama- Read about my journeys as a mama of two beautiful girls under the age of two.
Weigh Loss Mama- Read about my struggles and success' of my weight loss journey.
Wife Mama- The joys and not so happy times in my marriage.
Work Mama- My life away from home.

Crafty Mama- Here is where I'll show off all my fun arts and craft stuff.
Life mama- My blog where I write about my crazy life!
Contact Mama- Leave me a comment or anything you would like to say!